Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How to Purchase Asian Americans and Vietnam



Asian Americans

and Vietnam

A 4 part documentary series

85,000 enlisted Asian Pacific American men and women served in the United States armed forces during the Vietnam war (1961-1975).

This four part documentary film series is the first to chronicle the lives of combat nurse Lily Lee Adams, military journalist Don Lau, and serviceman Cole Lew from a purely Asian Pacific American perspective.

They recount their time in Vietnam enduring friendly fire, racial discrimination, combat experience, and the loss of comrades while suffering from shame and post traumatic stress disorder after their return to the United States.

Their story is an untold, unique glimpse into Asian Pacific America and its wartime experience.

Lily Goes Home, 2007

The Insanity of it All, 2002

Sweet Heat, 1998

American Nurse, 1992

For a review copy or purchase, contact the producer/director, Tony Chan, 647/343-9178,

Purchase price for the set of four: $80.

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